Recipe Recap: Fish

Ah, Kaki, that oft divisive ingredient: fish.  Maybe not as much as tofu, but many people have strong feelings about which fish they like or don’t like. I am strongly in the pro-seafood-of-all-types camp.*  Here’s how I’ve been eating it … Continue reading


My Top 10 Repeat-Worthy Recipes

Kaki!  You know, I make new dishes all the time, constantly testing out different techniques and flavors and ingredients.  Buuuut there are also those handful of dishes that I make over and over again.  Here are the recipes on our … Continue reading

Recipe Recap

Kaki, it’s that time again!  The time when I confess the kitchen blunders and revel in the culinary successes of the past few weeks. Tahini-Roasted Cauliflower and Fish Tacos Thanks once again to Cooking Light for this great recipe.  Theirs is … Continue reading