My Top 10 Repeat-Worthy Recipes

Kaki!  You know, I make new dishes all the time, constantly testing out different techniques and flavors and ingredients.  Buuuut there are also those handful of dishes that I make over and over again.  Here are the recipes on our blog that I make All.  The.  Time.

10. Ethiopian Cabbage Dish

Look at how dry that skillet is! And those lovely brown marks on the carrots. Yum yum.

I’ve loved Ethiopian food ever since that New Years Eve when you and a bunch of our other Trinity buddies met up at my place and proceeded to Aster’s Ethiopian for an epic feast.  The combination of spices and delicious vegetables (notably potatoes and carrots and cabbage and oh my god, so good), all eaten with super tasty flat bread just cannot be beat for my money.  If only I could make injera myself!  #goals

9. Easiest Sorbet


A dessert you can make in about two minutes, with an enormous plethora of ingredient options, able to be easily tailored to the dietary needs of any crowd, and especially welcome during The Summer Months (so hot here they get capitalized)?  So much yes.

8. Freezer Scrap Stock

Just starting to simmer

I rarely make quite a large batch of stock these days, because storing the vegetable ends in the freezer takes up less space than the stock itself.  Now if I need broth for a recipe and I give myself a day’s notice, I add a handful of veggie scraps to my slow cooker with some water and cook it all overnight.  Easier storage and even less waste.  Love this method!

7. Ginger Tea


I always have these ingredients on hand, so the minute I get that scratchy-throat feeling that means a cold or allergies are coming on strong, I set the tea kettle to boil and start cutting up ginger.  So good.

6. Spinach Pie


My favorite thing about this pie is that it tastes like spanakopita but at a fraction of the effort.  My second favorite thing about it is that it’s vegetarian, but hearty enough that non-vegetarians rarely even question it.  I, uh, made this this week, so it definitely gets repeated in my kitchen a lot!

5. Curry!


Hmmm, can I combine three things I almost always have in my freezer into a near instantaneous delicious meal?  Yes I can, and I do.

4. Simplest Carrot Salad


Another recipe that gets made frequently as a function of keeping the ingredients on hand all the time.  You eat what you stock?

3. Fastest, Easiest, Laziest Dinner

Sunday lunch while meal-planning for the week. Perfect.

Aaaaand another dish that’s just me combining pantry/freezer/fridge staples.  Good lord do I have a type. 🙂  (But also, I mean, an instantaneous butter-wine sauce?  Yes, always a good idea.)

2. Quick Fish & Greens


A complete meal that’s super nutritious and tasty, quick to make, and only makes one serving.  I almost never make a single serving meal, so if I need to eat NOW and don’t have time to chop up ingredients for a large batch of something, a quick trip to the store and one skillet are all I need.  I LOVE this meal!

1. Chana Palak


I can’t even attempt to count how many times I’ve made this.  Most of these recipes I make a couple of times a year (and since I mostly try new recipes, multiple times a year is actually pretty frequently); but this Chana Palak is probably on my table every six weeks or so.  Delicious!  Nutritious!  Cheap!  Makes a ton!  Freezes like a champ!  My love for this dish knows no bounds.

What’s on your repeat-worthy list, Kaki?



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