Recipe Recap

Kaki, here we are again!  Recapping the many lovely things I’ve made and/or eaten over the past weeks.

First up, something you inspired me to try to make:

Frozen Chocolate Banana Bark

Girl, I thought for sure I could solve your, “I love these frozen chocolate-covered banana slices we get at the store, but I can’t seem to make them efficiently myself!”  My theory was that you could put sliced bananas on a baking sheet, cover them with melted chocolate, freeze them solid, then cut into pieces like one would for chocolate bark.  Genius, thought I!

P1030063 (2)

Alas, these were just meh.  After freezing for two hours (shorter and the bananas aren’t really firm enough), the dark chocolate I had used just wasn’t sweet enough, leaving a sort of chocolatey-flavored-but-somehow-not-dessert-like snack.  I knew that cold tempered sweetness, which is why ice cream bases are usually on the overly sweet side, but now I’ve experienced this phenomenon first hand.  I think I’ll try this again sometime with a slightly sweeter chocolate, and try doing two layers of chocolate (pour half of the melted chocolate down on the parchment, add the banana slices, pour the rest of the chocolate over).  A good experiment, though.

Chocolate Roll Cake

I asked Cooper what I should bake for her daughter’s second birthday party, and shortly thereafter we watched the Great British Baking Show episode where they made Swiss Roll cakes.  And there was that question settled.

IMG_20160220_155506928 (2)

As with any Smitten Kitchen recipe, the results were both delicious and pretty darn successful, even for a cake whose assembly is prone to issues.  The above picture is my first attempt, with only a crack or two to be seen.  The double batch I made for the party (note to self: a dish that calls for whipping up vast quantities of egg whites SHOULD NOT BE DOUBLED unless you have several VERY large bowls at your disposal) turned out quite well, if a little more cracked, but cest la vie.  Additionally, mine is more oval than circle because I used a regular sized sheet pan, not the smaller, jelly roll pan called for.  Because I don’t own a jelly roll pan, let alone two.  Other than the slightly different shape, and shortening the baking time, it worked out just fine.

Spaghetti Squash Tacos

Another Smitten Kitchen recipe (from her cookbook, which thank you again for getting me for my birthday!) that turned out amazing, as one would guess.  Plus if you omit the cheese these are vegan, Kaki!

IMG_20160112_204115138 (2)

But whatever you do, dear god please microwave your spaghetti squash.  It takes like 15 minutes instead of an hour in the oven.  Just prick it all over with a knife (carefully, mind), and microwave it in 5-minute intervals, flipping it each time.  It’s also easier to cut in half after it has steamed itself this way.

Roasted Vegetable and Brisket Salad

Suddenly, two weeks ago, I reached peak “oh my god when was the last time I had a salad?!” levels.  Leafy greens were acquired.  BUT I also wasn’t quite ready for a straight up cold salad, you know?  Now warm salad, yes, that we could do.  So I warmed up some leftover brisket and some leftover roasted sweet potatoes, carrots, and onions, put them on top of some baby spinach and drizzled it all with a little balsamic vinegar, and voila!  Delicious.

IMG_20160305_152643481 (2)

Hope March has started off well for you, my dear!


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