Fastest, Easiest, Laziest Dinner

Kaki, it’s confession time: this, this is what I make myself if I get home and need to eat now, now, now and have run out of leftovers*.

Who inspired this?  Big Girls, Small Kitchen.  I love the blog, and their cookbook was the first that really introduced me to, “Hey, people like me are talking about food online!  And then writing cookbooks!  That’s freakin’ awesome!”

Their cookbook has a section about cooking for one (there’s a spinach quesadilla that, though I’ve not made it, looks amazing), and it includes a recipe for peas in a white wine sauce.  As an entree.  Brilliant.  I’ve always loved frozen peas, both still frozen and warmed up.  Here, I’ve adapted this dish to include, you know, whatever I have in my freezer.  And I cut out the stovetop in favor of the microwave.  Great recipe, adapted for further ease.  Love it.

Also, this sauce means you need to keep wine on hand.  I’ve started keeping a box of white wine in my fridge for just such purposes.  Lately it’s been The Owner’s Box Chardonnay, which is 100% drinkable as well.  Win, win.

Fastest, Easiest, Laziest Dinner

serves 1 as a meal, with a glass of the wine alongside


  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1 glug white wine
  • 1 squirt dijon mustard
  • salt and pepper
  • 1-2 cups of whatever veggies/beans/grains you have in the freezer (I usually just go for edamame and peas, but this time I used peas, broccoli, and frozen cooked lentils, and it was really tasty)

In a microwavable bowl (that will also be your serving bowl**), add the butter, wine, and mustard.  If you’ve got a few extra seconds before you faint from hunger, add some salt and pepper.  Microwave these ingredients for 1 minute.


After 1 minute, stir the sauce until the butter is fully melted and the mustard has incorporated into the liquids.


Add whatever frozen vegetables you’re using, stirring to coat them in the sauce.


Microwave the sauce and veggies in 1 minute increments, stirring after each minute, until the veggies are hot throughout.

If you’re feeling extravagant, add some feta or sunflower kernels.  But really, this with a glass of wine and a fork and some Netflix, that is a perfectly good evening to me.

Sunday lunch while meal-planning for the week.  Perfect.

Sunday lunch while meal-planning for the week. Perfect.

Have a lovely week, Kaki!



*This is actually pretty rare, thankfully.  As soon as I finish cooking I portion out leftovers into individual tupperware.  It makes packing lunches for work super quick and easy, and it makes counting meals for meal planning really easy as well.  It’s one of my favorite kitchen habits.

**Sometimes I even just throw all of this in a large coffee mug.  Quick, easy, and tasty are the name of the game, so how much quicker must it be with a handle?  Exactly.


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