Tasting Kombucha

Kaki!  I’ve jumped the hippie shark: I’m digging kombucha.

Kombucha has been in the food vernacular here for years, and I keep hearing more and more about how good fermented foods are for your health.  But I honestly hadn’t even tasted it until recently.  So when I met some friends for lunch at Whole Foods last week, on a whim a bottle of ginger kombucha made it into my cart.


And it was good!  Here are my tasting notes:

  • The cap released quite a bit of gas when opened, but it wasn’t aggressively carbonated, just pleasantly so.
  • The liquid itself was a little cloudy, but in a uniform way, which helped lower the “there are living organisms in this” weirdness.
  • Since it was a ginger-flavored variety, it definitely had a gingery smell and taste.  Reminded me of ginger beer.
  • The biggest surprise for me was the vague vinegar scent and flavor!  It reminded me of the shrubs that have been on so many cocktail menus in recent years.


If you haven’t already, I definitely recommend you try some kombucha, Kaki.  I enjoyed it so much, I saved some of the bottle to try making my own!  Turns out it’s pretty darn easy to use raw, store-bought kombucha to make more at home.  I’ve been following the method described here.  The process is working great so far; the “Let’s grow some good bacteria!” of it all reminds me of making yogurt!

It’ll be a few more weeks until my first batch is finished, I’ll be sure to give an update then.

Have a great week, Kaki,



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