Yaupon Tea

Kaki, buying local is certainly a buzzy business these days.  But, I mean, it’s a great idea!  So when I tasted a locally grown, native to Texas, caffeinated tea, I was super excited.

P1030068 (2)

Yaupon is the only plant native to North America that’s caffeinated.  I don’t usually make coffee for myself on the weekends now, I’ll just add some yaupon to my tea ball and steep up a cup.  I know, I know, what blasphemy, but this doesn’t require me to dirty the french press!

But what does it taste like? It doesn’t taste as strong as black tea, or as vegetal as green tea. I’d either say it’s like a really lightly steeped black tea, or else like a nicely flavorful herbal tea. Which I dig. 🙂

I love this particular blend as well, the apple adds a lot of good flavor.  Be careful not to steep longer than the packaging indicates, though, as it can get rather bitter.

I think as of right now Cat Spring Yaupon Tea is the only brand you can get.  They have quite a lovely story as well, it’s run by sisters who found that yaupon grew wild on their family’s farm.  I know, adorable, right?

I’ll make you a cup next time you’re in town, or maybe I’ll bring some up to you next time I visit!

P.S. NPR did an article on yaupon, so you know it’s legit.


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