Morning Hack: Fruit on the Bottom Yogurt

Dear Caitlin,

I had today off!  I hope you did, too.  In celebration of the day, we started out at a local bakery.  And while I’d love to extoll the virtues of the bakery, things went a little off the rails.

I ordered a date muffin.  And, in my defense, it had an ingredients list taped below it.  Annnnnd those ingredients did not include nuts.

But the muffin did, in fact, have nuts.  Fortunately, I realized it and got antihistamines in me in time.  Unfortunately, I ended up drowsily sleeping off much of the rest of the day.  Fortunately, I had the day off.  So all’s well that ends well.

I do, however, want to invoke the right to a minor rant.  To all folks who sell food, please, please, please keep your ingredients list current.  If you add nuts to a dish, change the ingredients.  Put it on the menu.  It’s not a minor thing.

End rant.  Anyway, I decided it was a good chance to share my regular breakfast.  It would be a stretch to call this a recipe.  But this is too easy, too delicious, and too power-packed not to share.


All I do is microwave frozen berries and toss it with yogurt.  It’s so much less expensive than buying individual containers.  There’s also less sugar.  It’s an all around winner.

IMG_1857[1]Add whatever strikes your fancy.  Nuts (don’t give them to me), raisins, a banana, some granola.  Dark chocolate.  You know, do what you do.

Add yogurt.


1 Cup Frozen Berries (I usually use a mix of strawberries and blueberries, depending on what’s on sale)
1 Cup Yogurt (I use Greek, but, again, whatever suits you)

(1) Microwave berries until they begin to disintegrate.  In my microwave on medium power, this is about one and-a-half minutes for small berries like blueberries, and two and-a-half for larger berries like strawberries.

(2) Add Yogurt.  Mix to taste.

(3) Add fun toppings.  (Optional)


One thought on “Morning Hack: Fruit on the Bottom Yogurt

  1. Girl, I do this with jam! Just stir a tablespoon or two into a bowl of plain yogurt. Bonus points if the jam is free because your workplace stocks snacks and PB&J fixin’s.

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