A Tale of Two Cookouts

Kaki!  Summer is awesome.  The produce!  The grilling!  The grilling of the produce!

And behold, that is exactly what we have been doing.

We’ve made watermelon salad with feta and olives and mint (thumbs up).  We’ve made cucumber salad with yellow tomatoes and red onion.


We’ve grilled eggplant and summer squash, cabbage and tomatoes, and doused them all in a spiced yogurt sauce.


And steak.


(One we marinaded in soy sauce and wasabi paste, and one we used a dry rub of salt, brown sugar, espresso powder and cayenne.  The marinade was my favorite, but both were delicious.)

We’ve grilled peaches in a sweet pesto sauce (recipe inspiration here) with orange zest yogurt whipped cream sauce on top.

We’ve discovered the wonderful herb papalo, and put it over salads and in dressings and steeped it in a simple syrup for cocktails.

Summer is going great, and I’m enjoying every minute of every cookout we have.


I hope your day today involved some good friends, the summer sun, and char on everything.

From this patio to yours,


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