Cheddar Bay Biscuits

Dearest Kaki,

Mostly, I cook from scratch.  It’s something I’m rather proud of*.  But sometimes you end up with a box of Bisquick in your pantry and you need to make something carb-y and filling to round out an otherwise light meal and that is where these beauties come in.

I’m sure there’s a way to make these without using a mix from a box.  I’m sure if I Googled it I’d find a ton of Cheddar Bay Biscuit recipes that do not use a mix from a box.

But I made these with a mix from a box and they were easy and delicious and I’d do it again, darn it, I’d do it all again!

(And actually, it’s really the topping that matters here.  You could brush it on top of any savory warm-from-the-oven item and it’d be delicious, I’m sure.  Drop biscuits?  Check.  Your more traditional, rolled and cut biscuits?  Yup.  Crescent rolls?  I’d bet so.  Cornbread?!!  Oh, now that would be amazing, that’ll be next on my list.)



Cheddar Bay Biscuits

makes 8 biscuits

You know, we may as well let the box do the talking, huh.


Serve alongside some great baked tofu and a quinoa salad.  And some wine.  Perfect summer meal?  I think yes.



*Yeah, the grammar bugs me, too, but “of which I am rather proud” seemed a bit too much, don’t you think?

P.S. Let’s talk about Old Bay seasoning for a second, shall we?  It is amazingly delicious.  My roommate during study abroad (yay, Rachel!) was from Baltimore and brought this to our host parents as a “This is from where I’m from!” gift.  Our host mom cooked with it all semester and it was so, so tasty.  I know it’s meant for seafood but I really liked when our host mom used it on chicken.  I don’t use it nearly often enough.


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